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Just who am I anyway? Several people have asked for a bio. Here's an abbreviated one just so you know who I am.

I was commissioned via Officer Training School (OTS) in 1985 and went to Undergraduate Navigator Training (UNT) at Mather AFB, CA. I finished UNT on 30 Sep 86 and received an F-4 Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) assignment. After finishing Tactical Navigation, Fighter Lead-In training, Water Survival, Land Survival and Electronic Warfare Officer Training in the summer of 1986, I had a perament change of station (PCS) [ie.. "moved"] to George AFB, California (now closed..SE of Edwards) for F-4 Phantom Replacement Training Unit (RTU) in the 21st TFTS. While I was at George, I turned 26 1/2 and was able to put in my application for Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT). The board met while I was in RTU and two weeks after finishing the longest possible training out of UNT, I was selected for UPT and a PCS to Vance AFB, Oklahoma in May 1987.

Our UPT class graduated in July 1988 and I wasn't too interested in going back to a fighter after the taste I had at George so I ended up with a T-38A Talon Instructor Pilot job at Vance until the fall of 1991. While I was at Vance, I wrote a 15,000 line C/C++ program to do T-37 and T-38 squadron scheduling that made a 40-hour per week job more like 5-hours per week. That vastly improved my T-38 flying hours! :) In the fall of 1991 I picked a KC-135R Stratotanker to Grissom AFB, Indiana (location took precendence on that PCS) and went off to Castle AFB, California for tanker training. We only had 17 months in Indiana before the BRAC commission closed our unit and I was off to Grand Forks for another PCS.

Grand Forks being the brutally cold place that it was, I started looking for an "escape" as soon as possible. I found one with an assignment to Germany. 27 months after arriving on station we were PCS'ing again to Ramstein Air Base, Germany. I spent the next 6 years in Germany where I spent the vast majority of my time doing web and database development. That's also when I started doing ColdFusion programming. I PCS'd to Randolph AFB, Texas in June 2001 to be a T-37 Tweet IP in the 559th Flying Training Squadron. After being grounded from high-G aircraft, I couldn't fly at Randolph so I started looking for an assignment. My old squadron at Ramstein AB, Germany was interested in hiring me back and that's where I PCS'd back to in Feb 2004.

When the Force Shaping program waived my PCS commitment, I took advantage of that to retire from active duty in April 2005.

My wife is from Belgium and we are staying in Europe permanently. We stayed in the Ramstein area since 2004 but are moving to the Lisbon, Portugal area in July 2017 now that we are empty nesters.

I've programmed computers since 1974 when my dad built a computer in our basement (He was an electrical Engineer at the University of Chicago). I've programmed at various levels with BASIC, C, C++, PASCAL, COBOL (can you believe that)?, Java a TINY bit, JavaScript, TransAct-SQL (for SQL Server), ColdFusion, PERL, ASP, PHP and probably a few I'm forgetting. I've worked with many APIs and have focusing mostly in the Infusionsoft API for my custom member's web site at

I am an equity index options and S&P 500 E-mini futures options trader in addition to web development on a few sites that I own. I run a small web hosting business.

I currently am a partner at Capital Discussions and am responsible for pretty much everything. As part of Capital Discussions I run a trade alert service with a friend called the Road Trip Trade.

I trade client capital with LEF Capital Advisors LLC which is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) in New York City. Contact us for more information if you'd like to have a professional trader growing your account.

That's about it in a nutshell.


Acronym Decoder

Abbreviation Definition
CTA Commodity Trading Advisor
EWO Electronic Warfare Officer
OTS Officer Training School
PCS Perament change of station (moving)
RTU Replacement Training Unit
UNT Undergraduate Navigator Training
UPT Undergraduate Pilot Training
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